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Road Safety, Through Their Eyes

Road Safety is an often-avoided topic, as most drivers tend to think that the unexpected might never happen to them. However, the reality is that hundreds of people lose their lives prematurely on the road every year. 

That’s why OnStar has partnered with 6 talented artists from across the GCC diaspora to help us express the importance of ‘Road Safety’, through their eyes.

Using their medium of choice, our artists went on a creative journey to unravel what the topic means to them – and to help OnStar build safer communities for drivers and passengers alike.

So, for the first time, we’re using art functionally to reframe the serious issue of road safety and have the difficult conversations that could save lives.

Experience road safety through the eyes of six different artists
A topic engrained in our DNA.

Trust and protection are pillars of our brand.

We inspire confidence and comfort in our Members through our quality, innovation and human interaction. 

It is our mission to make the road and the world a safer place. OnStar Members and their families have OnStar on their side. 

Through Their Eyes – allows us to serve and help the community beyond our members and lead the necessary conversation of creating a safer environment out there on the road.