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OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait only.

With Google Play, you can download some of your favorite apps to your vehicle as easily as you would on your phone. From music to news, listen to your favorites right from your vehicle.


What is Google Play?

If your vehicle is equipped with Google Play, you can easily download your favorite apps designed for the vehicle, just as you would on your phone. Conveniently listen to your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks and more directly from your vehicle. See a list of available apps here.

After you download them in the vehicle, you can use the apps for your enjoyment on your infotainment system.

Third-party trademarks are the property of their respective third-party owners and used under agreement. Requires active service plan and paid vehicle data plan. See onstararabia.com for details and limitations.

What do I need in order to download and use the apps?

To download and use the apps, you will need the following:

  • A properly equipped vehicle
  • A Google Account (you must sign in to your account on the infotainment system)
  • A paid service plan or trial that includes in-vehicle data or a personal mobile data hotspot
  • Some third-party apps may also require their own account or subscription (e.g., a Spotify subscription)

If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create one by going to accounts.google.com on a mobile device or computer. You can also create one on the infotainment screen while in PARK.

What types of apps are available?
A variety of apps are available on Google Play, including music, podcasts, news, sports, weather, audio books and more. Just like the app store on your compatible mobile device, the catalog of apps on Google Play in the vehicle may grow and change over time. As new apps are added to the store, your vehicle will automatically update the catalog (requires active service plan).
What are “system” apps?
Some GM system apps (e.g., System Manager, Terms and Conditions, etc.) are required to enable the infotainment system’s functionality — similar to the factory operating system apps included on your mobile devices. These apps run in the background and do not require interaction, but to ensure they are always up to date with the latest functionality and system needs, you may see them on Google Play. For the best performance, you should not uninstall these apps.
How do I download an app?

Here’s how to download an app in the vehicle:

  • First, with the vehicle in PARK, make sure you’re signed into your Google Account on the infotainment system 
  • Tap the PLAY STORE icon on the infotainment screen
  • The catalog of available apps will appear with different categories suggested
  • Scroll through the catalog to browse apps or tap the SEARCH icon (a magnifying glass) in the upper-right corner of the screen to look for a specific app
  • Tap an app to see a brief description, then tap INSTALL if you’d like to download it
  • After the app finishes downloading, it will appear as an icon on your infotainment system’s Home screen (you may have to swipe left or right to find it)
  • Tap the app’s icon to begin using it
If I want to download an in-vehicle app, do I have to also download the mobile version of the app to my compatible smartphone?
No. You do not need to download the app to your phone in order to download the app in the vehicle. However, some third-party apps may require you to have an account or subscription, which you may need to set up via their mobile app.
How do I delete an app?
To delete an app you’ve already downloaded in the vehicle, go to Google Play in the vehicle and find the app you want to remove. Then, tap “Uninstall.”
How will Google Play and downloaded apps be updated?

For vehicles in a connected state (with an active service plan or trial or a personal mobile data hotpost), the catalog of apps on Google Play and any apps downloaded to the vehicle will be updated automatically as needed via an Over-the-Air Update, if the customer has opted into automatic updates. 

It’s important to note that while 3rd-party apps can auto-update or “self-update” if you are not signed in, you cannot use Google Play to browse for more 3rd-party apps. If you choose to not have any apps auto-update, you can disable that in settings.

What happened to the APPS icon I had in my previous GM vehicle?
On infotainment systems with Google built-in, Google Play replaces the Apps feature.