Meet Your “A” Team 

Meet Your “A” Team 

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Real Care and Support Powered by Genuine Humans

We truly believe that no matter how far technology advances, the power of human connection remains unmatched. That's why, when you press the OnStar® button, you're instantly connected with caring individuals, dedicated to assisting you. 

The most important reason is that in the event of any accident, you will find someone to help you quickly, especially if there is an injury, God forbid.” 

An OnStar Member | Kuwait

The first reason: there are those who provide you with assistance around the clock 

The second reason: self-assurance, so that if you cannot help yourself, there is someone who will help you.” 

An OnStar Member | Kuwait

What Can OnStar Advisors Do for You?

A simple push or a triggered response sets the stage for human connection. OnStar Advisors*, where every interaction is a commitment to making a difference in your world in many ways. 

Trained Advisors welcome first-time OnStar users connect for intro, payments, in-vehicle Wi-Fi*® and Hands-Free Navigation*

Our caring Advisors are ready to help you find destinations, perform Vehicle Diagnostics*, Roadside Assistance* and more. 

Skilled Advisors are always by your side, striving to bring you the aid, while offering a comforting presence until the help arrives. 

Through advanced technology and the help of local authorities, our Advisors play an invaluable role in vehicle recovery. 

Bilingual Advisors speak English and Arabic; ready to assist with emergencies*, directions, billing, Stolen Vehicles* and more. 

Advisors Are at The Center of Our Services

You’re speaking with someone who enjoys lending a hand and is specially trained to do so. 

Advisors-Based Services

Technology backed by our Advisors, making sure you drive with confidence. 

Emergency Assistance

Dedicated Advisors provide support and comfort until help arrives. 

How To Connect with Advisors

A simple push of SOS or Blue button links you to a 24/7 human connection.