Helping the Community, Members and Beyond

OnStar and First Responders for Safer Communities

Helping the Community, Members and Beyond

OnStar and First Responders for Safer Communities

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Creating A Safer Environment on The Road

Convenience and 24/7 assistance are not all there is with OnStar. You can also make a real difference too by helping to build a safer community. If you see someone in trouble, be a Good Citizen and just press the SOS button. It connects you to our helpful OnStar Advisors*, who quickly work with First Responders to provide the right help.

Bringing Their Efforts to The Forefront

For years, OnStar has been a collaborator with First Responders worldwide, working tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of communities.


Now, we are expanding our reach to select countries in the Middle East. Throughout our journey, we have saved countless lives, driven by a shared commitment to making a real difference in the communities we serve.

Empowering First Responders

At OnStar, we are fully committed to supporting the Public Safety Professionals, through:

  1. Conducting OnStar Safety & Security training sessions, keeping First Responders informed about our capabilities and technologies.
  2. Collaborating with public safety organizations to enhance communication and coordination with First Responders when our Members report emergencies.

Leading The Conversation on Road Safety

Through their eyes on a pink background

Through Their Eyes

OnStar has joined forces with 6 talented artists. Through their unique perspectives, we aim to build safer communities and spark life-saving conversations.

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OnStar x The Lighthouse Arabia

OnStar and The LightHouse Arabia, a leading mental wellness company, join forces to aid road accident victims in the UAE. Through the Healing After Trauma platform, offering webinars and art therapy for emotional well-being and post-traumatic recovery, helping you find comfort in knowing that you’re never alone.