OnStar and LightHouse Arabia Launch Support Platform

Road to recovery for accident victims

OnStar and LightHouse Arabia Launch Support Platform

Road to recovery for accident victims

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Introducing a Groundbreaking Support Platform

OnStar and LightHouse Arabia collaborated to help people manage stress and move through traumatic experiences with ease, especially after car accidents. The 'Healing After Trauma' webinar series featured guided drawing sessions held from February 12th to March 14th, 2023. Led by expert psychologists in grief and trauma, these immersive sessions offered profound insights into trauma reactions, physical responses, and finding peace after complex events.

In a world plagued by staggering statistics, where 2,620 people were injured in UAE road accidents in 2021 and global road traffic crashes claim 1.3 million lives annually, this vital support springs forth from the impactful 'Through Their Eyes' art campaign, where six regional visual artists reframed the difficult conversation around road traffic accidents through moving artworks.

There When You Need Us

Safety is more than a buzzword to OnStar—it's a heartfelt commitment that brings peace of mind when it matters most.


OnStar has built a strong reputation for its commitment to enhancing road safety and ensuring a smooth journey for drivers and passengers. Their advanced technology equips vehicles with features like Automatic Crash Response* and Emergency Assistance*, providing rapid support in critical situations. Recognizing the broader impact of road accidents, OnStar and the Lighthouse Arabia are now committed more than ever to addressing the physical and emotional toll they take, going beyond the immediate aftermath and supporting victims of road traffic accidents in the UAE. 

We are delighted with our partnership with The LightHouse Arabia, offering us the ability to support those impacted by road incidents, through professional support to overcome the emotional and mental weight this carries.”

Shereen Harris, Head of Marketing & Subscriptions at OnStar Middle East

Through Their Eyes

A transformative perspective as six regional visual artists reframe the conversation around road traffic accidents through powerful artworks.

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