Working Together to Help Keep You Safe  

OnStar and First Responders for Safer Communities

Working Together to Help Keep You Safe

OnStar and First Responders for Safer Communities

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Discover The Full Potential of OnStar: Empowering You to Make a Lifesaving Impact 

With OnStar, you get convenience and 24/7 assistance. But that's not all – you can make a real difference too.


If you see someone in trouble, just press the SOS button. It connects you to our helpful OnStar Advisor*, who quickly works with First Responders to provide timely help to those in need.

Be A Good Citizen: How to Make a Difference with OnStar 

How It Works 

Help others in need with a simple push of the SOS button to report a crash or health emergency*.

Become An Even Better Citizen 

Send help to other motorists or simply report a suspicious situation.

When To Push the SOS Button 

  • In need of Automatic Crash Response* services? Push it. 
  • Spot a medical emergency, like a heart attack? Push it. 
  • Encounter someone stranded and in need of Roadside Assistance*? Push it 
  • Identify a situation endangering lives? Push it 

First Responders to The Rescue 

First Responders rely on timely information to effectively address emergencies. Your simple button push serves as the vital first step in making a difference.


Becoming a Good Citizen is as effortless as pushing a button.

Making Your Community Even Safer 

Be A Good Citizen 

With OnStar, you have the power to make a significant impact and save lives. Real difference when it matters.

First Responders

Advisors* can notify first responders about your location and share vital crash information to help you.

Life Is Unpredictable. It's Why We Built the OnStar Protect Plan 

Built to take on the unexpected, so you can focus on the amazing. Whether you're lost, in a fender bender, have a flat tire, or face car thieves, the OnStar Safety and Security Plan provides Roadside Assistance (including towing), and Automatic Crash Response, ensuring help is always on the way, even if you can't ask for it. 

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OnStar and The LightHouse Arabia: Supporting Road Accident Victims with Innovative Care

OnStar and The LightHouse Arabia join forces to aid road accident victims in the UAE with the Healing After Trauma platform. Through webinars and guided drawing, support is offered for emotional well-being and post-traumatic recovery.

Let’s Get You Started with A Free Trial! 

Unlock OnStar Benefits & enjoy up to 3 months* on us. Experience seamless connectivity, Automatic Crash Response* services, advanced safety features and heightened reassurance. Try it now and discover the convenience of OnStar.