Better Drive Starts Here 

Technology that adds simplicity, safety and excitement.

Better Drive Starts Here 

Technology that adds simplicity, safety and excitement.

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We Handle the Unexpected, You Enjoy the Amazing 

Unleash the thrill of every adventure with OnStar unmatched technology and connectivity. Stay connected, prepared, and fully immersed in the cutting-edge features that redefine driving. 

The OnStar Difference 

We don’t settle for ‘good’; we strive to be the best.   

Sync up your world from the touch of a Blue button and command it all from the palm of your hand

with our fully integrated App designed to make every drive that little bit easier.

24/7 Advisors

Voice Behind the Button 

Human to human. We are real people who genuinely care and are prepared to assist you. 

Standard Connectivity

Discover Endless Benefits 

Stay connected for 10 years* for free! Access exciting features and start elevating your daily drive today. 

On-Demand Diagnostics

Know Your Vehicle 

Stay ahead with our Diagnostic Report*. Connect with an OnStar Advisor* to get a comprehensive monthly overview of your vehicle's health.  

Woman with microphone

Meet Your “A” Team 

A is for Advisors*. Meet the dedicated individuals who are here to make a meaningful impact in your world. 

Here’s 4 reasons why you need OnStar this summer

There are many reasons “why” you should choose OnStar, but here are 4 that you can’t deny!

Turn on Better Control

Enjoy a refreshing start to your summer drive. Turn on your AC remotely with your Vehicle Mobile App*

Turn on Better Entertainment

Enhance your adventures with effortless voice commands. Turn on voice control with Google Built-In*.

Turn on Better Drives

Make your summer drives better. Turn on 24/7 Advisor Assistance for every road trip.

Turn on Better Convenience

Monitor your vehicle status. Turn on a fuel check from indoors with Vehicle Status*.