We’re A Button-Push Away 

Emergency Services when and where you need us

We’re A Button-Push Away 

Emergency Services when and where you need us

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Medical Emergencies. Crash Emergencies. Any Emergency. We’re There for You for All Of It. 

Stay protected from unexpected events with OnStar. In case of a crash, medical emergency*, or urgent assistance, we are here to support you. Roadside Assistance* comes to your aid if you're stranded, run out of fuel, have a flat tire, or need a tow.  
Rest assured, our trained Advisors* swiftly assess and prioritize calls, dispatch the appropriate response, and remain with you until help arrives.

How It Works : During an emergency, simply press the SOS button, and our specially trained Advisors* will promptly locate you and dispatch the necessary help. 

Benefit: Enjoy a 24/7 priority connection, ensuring our dedicated Advisors* are there for you, no matter the circumstances. 

Emergency Assistance Highlights

Stolen Vehicle Assistance*  

Stay a step ahead of car thieves easily, as our tracking and coordinated efforts with local police can prevent and intercept any unauthorized activity quickly and conveniently.

Roadside Assistance*

From fuel shortage to flat tires or unexpected breakdowns, OnStar ensures prompt assistance and towing to get you back on the road swiftly and smoothly.

OnStar Advisors

Your “A” Team. Human. Helpful. Real care and comfort, 24/7. Your OnStar Advisor* is there for all your needs, from flat tires to Emergency Services* and more.

Life Is Unpredictable. It's Why We Built the OnStar Protect Plan.

Built to take on the unexpected, so you can focus on the amazing. Whether you're lost, in a fender bender, have a flat tire, or face car thieves, the OnStar Safety and Security Plan provides Roadside Assistance (including towing), and Automatic Crash Response, ensuring help is always on the way, even if you can't ask for it. 

We’re Here for You Through All Kinds of Emergencies 

Emergencies come in many forms. Here are some of the ways we’re here for you.

Automatic Crash Response*  

What if you’re in a crash and need help? Our Advisors* make sure you’re OK. If you don’t answer, we’ll send help.

Our Advisors Care

Our Advisors* offer empathetic support, providing reassurance and understanding during critical moments.

Safe Communities

Instant help at your fingertips. Advisors* can notify first responders about your location and share vital crash information.

Let’s Get You Started with A Free Trial! 

Unlock OnStar Benefits & enjoy up to 3 months* on us. Experience seamless connectivity, Automatic Crash Response* services, advanced safety features and heightened reassurance. Try it now and discover the convenience of OnStar.