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OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait only.
myBrand App

Note: Customers can use remote command services through MyBrand Mobile App/OnStar Advisor within a 10 days’ time frame from last ignition off. After 10 days of vehicle inactivity, the ignition must be turned on for remote services to be successful.

How does Remote Start work?
From a Key Fob, Remote Start communicates directly with the vehicle through a short-wave radio signal. Remote starting your vehicle from the Mobile App initiates a connection to our OnStar servers, which then communicate to your vehicle through the cellular net to remotely start it.

How long will it take for my car to start when I try to start it from my Mobile App? Why does Remote Start from the Mobile App take so much longer than from my Key Fob?
Remote Start will take on average up to a minute to complete through the mobile app. Remote starting your vehicle from the mobile app first initiates a connection to our OnStar servers, which then communicate to your vehicle to remotely start it (or get data or any perform any other remote command). Since there are a lot more moving parts when using the mobile app as compared to your Key Fob, this can take longer to execute when comparing the two.

What are the reasons Remote Start could fail?
Remote Start could fail for many different reasons. 

  1. Key Fob is in the vehicle
  2. Key is in the ignition
  3. Gas cap is off
  4. Door is open 
  5. Vehicle is running
  6. Vehicle not in park
  7. (no. of attempts) or more Remote Start attempts since last ignition cycle
  8. (no. of attempts) successful Remote Start executions since last ignition cycle
  9. Hood ajar
  10. Hazard lights are active
  11. Battery voltage low
  12. Engine stalled 
  13. Valet mode is active 
  14. Remote Start disabled in the vehicle
  15. Low oil pressure
  16. If vehicle is dormant due to no ignition cycle in the past 10 days

If I Remote Start my vehicle can someone potentially drive away with it?
No, GM vehicles will not allow the vehicle to be driven unless the key is being used in the vehicle.

Remote Start shows successful on the app, but when I arrived at my vehicle, I noticed it was not running. What happened?
Remote Start only stays active for 10 minutes. If it has been 10 minutes since the successful request, the vehicle turned itself off to conserve fuel.

After I Remote Start my vehicle, will it stay on until I turn it off?
No, Remote Start turns itself off after 10 minutes to conserve fuel.

Can I make my car stay Remote Started longer?
Yes, you can extend your Remote Start by another 10 minutes by performing a second Remote Start.

When I remote start my vehicle, will this make my climate control system come on?
Yes, the vehicle will automatically turn on the climate control system and attempt to maintain a comfortable temperature within the cabin.

Will my heated seat feature come on once I remote start my vehicle?
If the vehicle has Adaptive Remote Start and the weather is cold enough (freezing temperatures), the vehicle will turn on heated seats when Remote Start is active.