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Plan Finder
Connected Services Can Elevate Your Ownership Experience

Experience a new level of convenience and seamless integration with connected vehicles, backed by OnStar Advisors*502a available 24/7. OnStar Standard Connectivity and the Connect Plan*592a are now accessible in Saudi Arabia. Are you ready to take your driving experience to the next stage?

10 Years of Free Standard Connectivity


Activate OnStar today and unlock the potential of your connected vehicle, with 10 years of free Standard Connectivity*581a included in your OnStar-equipped vehicle purchase.

Enjoy benefits like:  

Discover Standard Connectivity
What’s Included in the OnStar Connect Plan?

A Plan that takes your driving experience to the next level with remote access*595a to your vehicle, Connected Navigation*585a, real-time traffic updates and more.


Remote Access


These days, many of us use our phones to manage every part of our busy lives. That extends to your vehicle too. You and your car will never be out of touch. Use your Vehicle Mobile App*583a to start, stop, see your car’s location and have full control of your vehicle, even from a distance.


Explore The Vehicle Mobile App
Vehicle Status


Equipped vehicles*581a can easily check vehicle’s fuel level, oil life, tire pressure and more. You can also use the Scheduling feature to set up your next service appointment with your preferred dealer.



Vehicle Locate


Lost track of your parking spot? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Check on your vehicle’s location easily with the Vehicle Locate*517a feature on your Vehicle Mobile App.


On-Demand Diagnostics


If the “Check Engine” light comes on or you have a concern while you’re driving, just push the Blue OnStar button and ask our OnStar Advisors*502a to run an On‑Demand Diagnostics*593a check. If your problem requires immediate attention, the Advisors*502a can help you find the nearest Dealer or service provider or send Roadside Assistance*594a if needed.



Connected Navigation



Life goes in a lot of directions, but OnStar can help you get where you’re going. Get real-time traffic and point-of-interest updates on your vehicle’s navigation system (if equipped).



Destination Download


Enjoy the convenience of OnStar Advisors*502a helping you find where you need to go and sending the destination pin to your vehicle (if equipped), while you keep your eyes on the road. Just push your Blue OnStar button and ask for directions.



Your Car Can Google


Too hot? Too cold? Need directions? Want to call a friend? Say “Ok, Google.” and watch how Google Assistant*598a, Google Maps*598a, and Google Play*598a work their magic in your car with Google Built-in compatibility*598a.

See How

Got questions? We’ve got you.

We’re here to help you find everything there is to know and love about OnStar.

Enjoy Your Free Trial

Get a trial*587a of the Connect Plan once activated. Purchase a plan before your trial runs out and get another month on us.