Where Do You Think You’re Going, Car Thieves? 

Our Stolen Vehicle Assistance is on it.

Where Do You Think You’re Going, Car Thieves? 

Our Stolen Vehicle Assistance is on it.

See FAQs for availability. 


Your Car Is Your Baby, And We'll Help Keep It Safe 

If someone even tries to break into your car, our Advisors* can work with law enforcement to help get your vehicle back.

Here’s The Scoop  

  • Theft Alarm Notification* keeps you in the loop if your car alarm is triggered.
  • In case of theft, OnStar Advisors use GPS technology to assist law enforcement in locating your vehicle and remotely slowing it down when suitable.
  • With Remote Ignition BlockTM2, OnStar can prevent the thief* from restarting your vehicle remotely. 

The Upside

Enhance your vehicle's security with added layers of protection, making vehicle theft a challenging feat.

Life Is Unpredictable. It's Why We Built the OnStar Protect Plan.

Built to take on the unexpected, so you can focus on the amazing. Whether you're lost, in a fender bender, have a flat tire, or face car thieves, the OnStar Protect Plan provides Roadside Assistance (including towing), and Automatic Crash Response, ensuring help is always on the way, even if you can't ask for it. 

Other Great Features with The OnStar Protect Plan*

Automatic Crash Response

Built-in crash sensors alert an Advisor*, ensuring prompt assistance at your precise location, accompanying you until help arrives. 

Emergency Assistance*

24/7 priority connection to specially trained Advisors who can pinpoint your location* and provide you with Roadside Assistance*

Safe Communities

OnStar unites with First Responders. Help others in need by reporting a crash or health emergency*, just by pushing the SOS Emergency button.

Let’s Get You Started with A Free Trial! 

Unlock OnStar Benefits & enjoy up to 3 months* on us. Experience seamless connectivity, Automatic Crash Response* services, advanced safety features and heightened reassurance. Try it now and discover the convenience of OnStar.