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OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in UAE and Kuwait only. For KSA specific Services, click here.

Our support network helps keep you safe and secure

OnStar*501a services bring safety, security and peace of mind to OnStar Members around the world. This began with OnStar’s first launch over twenty years ago and continues today, with skilled Advisors available to engage with OnStar Members and provide support. With OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response*536a an equipped vehicle can automatically connect to a trained OnStar Advisor*502a— even at critical times when OnStar Members aren’t able to ask for help.

Since it can relay specific crash and situational data, OnStar can help first responders be better prepared before they arrive. OnStar also can remotely sound the horn and flash the lights to help them find the vehicle and unlock the doors to enable them faster access to injured occupants.

OnStar Advisors are trained to deal with incidents and can stay on the line with you until help arrives, which means you won’t be alone in your time of need. They can even contact your family and conference them in to speak with you at this critical time.

Not all emergencies are crashes, and not all situations require emergency services. OnStar Advisors are trained not only to work with authorities to get you emergency help if needed, but also to handle a broad spectrum of other situations including Stolen Vehicle Assistance.

In your moment of need, having a human looking out for you can make a huge difference.


If your vehicle is a new generation model year 2021 or later and was sold to you in the United Arab Emirates, it is equipped with a 999 based eCall system. For details, see https://www.tra.gov.ae/. If you are an OnStar Member or in your trial, calls from the vehicle will land with our Advisors, else for relevant eCall vehicles land with the police directly.

Both OnStar and eCall are aimed at saving lives and making our roads and communities safer.

eCall and OnStar: What is the difference?

OnStar Automatic Crash Response and Emergency service is a voluntary, subscription-based system. Calls go to an OnStar Advisor. The OnStar Advisor assesses the situation and, when necessary, contacts the local emergency center, or assists otherwise as needed ensuring we stay with the member until help arrives. eCall is a public, mandatory, free of charge emergency call system for new generation MY21 vehicles only in UAE. Calls go directly to 999. For details, see https://www.tra.gov.ae/.

eCall and OnStar: Why should I pay for OnStar if my car already has eCall?

OnStar is an additional safety layer. Since it can relay more specific crash data, it can help first responders to be better prepared before they arrive. OnStar also has additional functions that can help first responders. It can remotely sound the horn and flash the lights to help them find the vehicle, and unlock the doors remotely to enable them faster access to injured occupants.

OnStar also has services beyond crash situations and can assist in Emergencies, Roadside Assistance and Stolen Vehicle Assistance.