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Helping Our Heroes Serve

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Globally, OnStar*501a has worked with first responders for many years to help keep communities safer and more secure. Now we are bringing it to the Middle East in select countries.

OnStar and public safety professionals have a long and enduring relationship in the United States and South America that includes working together to get help to the scene of a crash, locating stolen vehicles, and assisting in emergency situations. Together, we’ve helped save countless lives. By helping our heroes serve in the region, we'll be working hand-in-hand with first responders to help make a difference in the communities they protect and serve. We want to bring their efforts to the forefront — ensuring their daily sacrifices don’t go unnoticed.

Supporting Public Safety Professionals 

At OnStar, we’re grateful for what these heroes do to protect us every single day, and we are committed to supporting them. This includes:

  • Hosting OnStar Safety & Security training sessions for first responders to help keep them updated on the capabilities and technologies from OnStar.
  • Working with public safety organizations to better interface with first responders when our Members report an emergency.

You’ll find more information below about how OnStar helps support public safety professionals.

How we notify Public Safety Professionals of emergency incidents:

Description of the emergency:

  • What has happened
  • Injuries (e.g. number of wounded people)
  • Additional information: crash severity likelihood (high or low based), airbag status, multiple impacts (if applicable), direction of impact and rolled-over status (if applicable)

Will be given by naming area, place, street name or intersection and heading. Other relevant visible location cues may also be provided. Geographical coordinates (Lat/Long) shall be provided if requested by the Public Safety Professionals.

Additional available information:
Vehicle data contains make, model, color, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), registration number (if available), model year, and propulsion type.

  • If requested, pretensioner status, front occupancy indicator, etc.

An OnStar Advisor*527a to request for Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatcher ID and/or extension number so that in the event the call is disconnected, an OnStar Advisor can swiftly reconnect with the same dispatcher. The OnStar advisor will then conference the dispatcher into the vehicle.

During an active emergency event, the OnStar Advisor may activate additional vehicle functions such as unlocking the doors, sounding the horn or flashing the lights to provide assistance in locating the vehicle and immediately access the vehicle.

Steps to report a stolen vehicle for Stolen Vehicle Assistance*511a:

Once an active OnStar subscribed customer shares a police report number indicating that his/her vehicle has been stolen:

• Our OnStar advisor will contact the PSAP to share the police report number and request confirmation that the vehicle is officially treated as stolen.

• The PSAP to confirm that the vehicle is treated as stolen.

• Our OnStar Advisors will execute Remote Ignition Block™2 by sending a signal to prevent the stolen vehicle from starting the next time someone attempts to start the vehicle.

• Our OnStar Advisor will update the PSAP on the status of vehicle location for the following 48 hours.

• The PSAP can contact our OnStar Advisor to request information any time 24/7.

• Once law enforcement confirms that the vehicle is treated as stolen, OnStar will not assist in sharing vehicle location with anyone but law enforcement to ensure your safety.

Special condition: upon the PSAP request, an OnStar Advisor can execute Stolen Vehicle Slowdown®:

• First, our OnStar Advisor will confirm that the vehicle is in sight of Law Enforcement and reconfirm location and vehicle information.

• If required, our OnStar Advisor can activate flashing lights, the PSAP to reconfirm that vehicle is in sight of Law Enforcement.

• The PSAP to confirm the lights are flashed and conditions are safe.

• Our OnStar Advisor will then execute Stolen Vehicle Slowdown® and communicate the result with the PSAP.

• Once the vehicle has been recovered, the PSAP or the car owner can contact OnStar to restore normal ignition remotely.