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Welcome to OnStar

Pioneering in-vehicle technology for your connected drive.

OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in UAE and Kuwait only. For KSA specific Services, click here.
Wherever you are, OnStar keeps you connected.

OnStar Connected Services offers a seamless connection between your vehicle and your busy life, providing convenience and peace of mind wherever you go. It’s intelligent, purposeful technology backed by a human touch. 

Having a vehicle that is fully connected means taking your ownership experience to a whole new level. Whether it’s elevating your daily drive even more, staying on top of your vehicle’s health, staying connected to work or managing family errands, there’s a feature for you.

Unlock what a connected vehicle can offer and how it evolves. 

With OnStar, enjoy better drives.

The OnStar difference
  • Tech-driven, human-centered

    Access technology that is created to assist your every need backed by a human touch.

  • Convenience at your fingertips

    Control your vehicle from the palm of your hand with the Vehicle Mobile App*537a.

  • Safety comes as standard

    It doesn’t matter what kind of help you need — your OnStar Advisor*502a has your back 24/7. 

Our Key Services
Explore all OnStar’s services that are made to suit your every need and make your daily drive better and better every day.
No matter what, you’ve got standard connectivity for 10 years

Step into 10 years of free Standard Connectivity*590a and access your vehicle’s diagnostics, alerts, dealer maintenance notifications, and more.

Discover Standard Connectivity

Ready to start your trial?

Discover the thrill of unleashing the full potential of your new ride by activating your trial and unlocking all the exclusive benefits or have a look at our plans and pricing. 


OnStar’s Highway Hero is the region's first gaming tournament powered by in-vehicle Wi-Fi . Witness as 10 gamers compete in intense 1x1 matches, all from the backseats of a GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe, both equipped with OnStar’s cutting-edge in-vehicle Wi-Fi. As one vehicle starts from Liwa and the other from Ras Al Khaimah, they drive across the UAE for a thrilling showdown in Abu Dhabi. Experience a gaming event like no other.

Feel the Power of being Connected with the Vehicle Mobile App

There’s a lot your Vehicle Mobile App can do to make your ownership experience even better – all in just a few taps.

The redesigned myChevrolet, myGMC and myCadillac mobile apps takes your vehicle ownership to the next level and puts the power in your hand.

You’re already a good driver. Now it's time to level up and become a Smart Driver.

OnStar Smart Driver provides driving feedback that helps you maximize your vehicle’s performance, drive more safely, save on gas, and reduce wear and tear on the vehicle. Learn more about how OnStar can help you become a better driver.

Smart Driver

Your smartphone on wheels with Google

Enhance your in-vehicle experience with Google Built-In*588a Compatibility - a helpful, personalized, and seamless way to elevate your drive.

Explore more connectivity

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Customer Reviews

Hear from others using our services

  • "I found the OnStar features very easy to use. The Advisors were super friendly and very knowledgeable. I love the feeling of knowing that someone is there to help me when I need it!"

    An OnStar Member - United Arab Emirates

  • "The most important reason for OnStar is that it's there for you in the event of any accident. You will find someone to help quickly, especially if there is an injury (God forbid!) and are very friendly."

    An OnStar Member - Kuwait

  • "Luckily I haven't needed to use these emergency services yet, but I feel confident knowing that I have a team of customer care Advisors ready and waiting for my call no matter when I need it. Highly recommend this service!"

    An OnStar Member - Kuwait

  • "I love using OnStar for two reasons:
    1. Someone is there to help you around the clock.
    2. I feel a huge sense of reassurance knowing that if I cannot help myself, there are those who will help me."

    An OnStar Member - Kuwait

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