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Our Story

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OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in UAE and Kuwait only. For KSA specific Services, click here.
Our Story

Technology has truly changed our lives. Our homes can now speak to us, while our cars can almost do anything. Cars can call for help when we can’t. They can show us where they are when we’ve lost them. They can power our internet connections, self-diagnose their own maintenance issues and even connect us with real people ready to help.

But nothing can replace the human connection.

Introducing OnStar*501a, a pioneering in-vehicle technology, offering safety, security and convenience services.

We are bringing the original brand promise to you. With a track record of helping 20 million Members for over 20 years, we are proud to bring this expertise to the region to build safer more connected communities.

It is our mission to make the road and the world a safer place. OnStar Members and their families have OnStar on their side. Wherever you go, whatever you encounter, a real person is ready to help, OnStar is always with you out there.

We aim to provide safety and security with a human touch in order to inspire confidence and peace of mind when our Members are on the road.

With OnStar, Safety is in our DNA 

Over the years, we have demonstrated commitment to our customers with a set of product launches, new technology and mobility announcements. As the shining example for innovation, we are launching exclusively on Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac vehicles, and with this launch, OnStar marks a new gold standard in world-class customer experience.

  • OnStar connects you to a real human who can help 24/7
  • OnStar & Connected Services are there to elevate your customers’ ownership experience and give them peace of mind on the road ahead
  • OnStar is a subscription service with plans designed to provide options based on need

For drivers who underestimate the unpredictable, OnStar is the leader for over 20 years when it comes to in vehicle safety with a human at the heart. We inspire confidence and comfort in our Members through our quality, innovation and human interaction.

Helping Our Heroes Serve

Globally, OnStar has worked with first responders for many years to help keep communities safer and more secure. Now we are bringing it to the Middle East, to select countries.