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OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait only.
Take advantage of all your vehicle has to offer with Connected Services.

For drivers who know a vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation, upgrade your vehicle with remote commands, data and more of the connections that move your world.

Connected Services can elevate your ownership experience and offer a simple, seamless bridge between your vehicle and your busy life. Check out your options below.

What is Connected Services?

Connected services allow you to access In-vehicle apps*,516a receive diagnostic notifications and more behind the wheel.

Get the most out of your vehicle. Help maximize your experience with enhanced vehicle management or bundling options.

What's included in Connected Services?


Remotely start and stop, lock and unlock, locate your vehicle, send destinations from your smartphone to your vehicle.

Keep track of your vehicle’s health through your App and more to take your ownership experience to a whole new level. (if equipped)


Make your drive more enjoyable. Easy access to Spotify, Glympse and The Weather Channel – all conveniently located at your fingertips on your infotainment screen. And there is no need to connect your phone or cords to get access, designed specifically for use in your App.

Remotely Control Your Vehicle
Remote Key Fob (Vehicle Mobile App)
Remotely lock and unlock your doors, flash the lights and honk the horn, or start and stop your car (if equipped) from anywhere using your vehicle’s mobile app.
Locate Your Vehicle and Check Its Status 
Vehicle Status & Location
View your vehicle’s fuel level, oil life, odometer readings and tire pressure through your vehicle’s mobile app. Find your vehicle’s approximate location and nearby address on a map through your vehicle’s mobile app. 
Identify Your Destination Quicker and Get Real-time Traffic 
Connected Navigation & Destination Download
Get real-time traffic and point-of-interest updates on your vehicle’s navigation system (if equipped) and enjoy the convenience of an OnStar Advisor helping you find where you need to go and sending the destination pin to your vehicle (if equipped). 
Get Your Vehicle's Diagnostics On-Demand
On-demand Diagnostics 
OnStar Advisors can run reports in real-time or when a warning light comes on, to identify potential vehicle health issues. Can be used while driving or when stationary.
Harness the Power of Staying Connected on Your Vehicle
Wi-Fi Plans
Use your vehicle’s built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi® Hotspot*528a to explore the internet and stream music, movies and more.
Enhance your in-vehicle experience with Google Built-In Compatibility.
Google built-in is a helpful, personalized and seamless way to enhance your in-vehicle experience.
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