Become An Even Smarter Driver

OnStar Smart Driver helps you build your driving skills.

Become An Even Smarter Driver

OnStar Smart Driver helps you build your driving skills.

See FAQs for availability. 


Drive Brilliantly with OnStar Smart Driver!

Level up your driving skills and experience the thrill of OnStar Smart Driver*. Prepare to begin an exciting journey where you unlock the true potential of your driving abilities. Get ready for a driving revolution with these incredible features:

Monthly report:

Get a clear summary (from your Vehicle Mobile App) of your driving habits, including braking, acceleration, and high-speed instances.

Improve your score:

Compete with yourself, see how you compare to other OnStar Members and receive tips to become a smarter*, safer driver.

Maximize performance:

Take advantage of the OnStar Smart Driver Insights*, boost your score to enhance vehicle performance, save on fuel, and reduce wear and tear.

Making every drive a smart drive — it’s what you’d expect from OnStar. Smart Driver* is available automatically when you activate OnStar as a part of Standard Connect*, free for 10 years.

Experience Smart Driving and Beyond with Our Bundle Plan

Safety is important. We’re OnStar, so we obviously get that. But there’s more to life than safety, right? With our Bundle Plan, you can easily stay on top of your vehicle’s health right from your phone, saving you time and providing comfort.

Bundle Plan* Highlights 

Google Built-in Compatibility*

Need directions? Want to call a friend? Say “OK, Google.” Google Assistant*, Google Maps* and Google Play* all work seamlessly in your vehicle (if equipped).

Connected Navigation*

Get ready for smooth travels with real-time updates. Navigate with ease using one-shot destination entry, multiple search options and live traffic information.

Destination Download*

Navigate while focusing on the road. With the assistance of an OnStar Advisor*, quickly ask for your destination and have it conveniently sent to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Driver?

Smart Driver provides members with information about their driving behavior to help maximize their vehicles’ overall performance, reduce vehicle wear and tear, enhance fuel efficiency, and help members become better drivers (from your Vehicle Mobile App*). Enrolled members will receive ongoing feedback with results on events such as hard braking, hard acceleration and high-speed driving occurrences, as well as tips to enhance their driving skills.

In what countries is Smart Driver available?

Smart Driver is currently available for OnStar Members in all live markets. 

Do I need a paid OnStar service plan in order to participate in Smart Driver?

Members do not need to be in a paid service plan to enroll in Smart Driver. Smart Driver is included for up to 10 years with Standard Connect, upon OnStar activation.

What does it cost to participate in Smart Driver?

There is no charge for Members to enroll in Smart Driver.  However, Members must have activated OnStar in order to benefit from Standard Connect which enables them to use Smart Driver. 

Who may enroll in Smart Driver?

All OnStar Members with a capable vehicle and active Standard Connect may enroll in Smart Driver.

Unlock The Full Potential of Smart Driver!

You’re only a few steps away from getting the services, features and benefits you deserve to turn your vehicle into a connected marvel.