5 Cool Things About a Connected Car 

Benefit from all your vehicle has to offer with Connected Services.

5 Cool Things About a Connected Car 

Benefit from all your vehicle has to offer with Connected Services.

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Powering the Future of Transportation 

In recent years, transportation has been buzzing with anticipation for the future. Electric vehicles, self-driving solutions, and smart technology are becoming increasingly common, transforming the driving experience. Adding to this excitement are the remarkable software features in connected vehicles, aimed at making passengers' journeys smoother. Some features are already making waves on the roads, while others are on the horizon. Automotive brands are delivering cutting-edge offerings that have us eagerly anticipating what's to come. 

The Managing Director of Future Mobility at General Motors Middle East, Gary West, shares the features that redefine the way we use our vehicles, making our lives as drivers and passengers more convenient through connectivity. 

1. It’s When Safety Meets Connectivity 

In a region that prioritizes road safety through its legislation and first responder efforts, work is always underway to ensure that safety remains front and center of mind. It certainly helps to know that the manufacturers of connected vehicles are also prioritizing this focus. As early as today, drivers can rest assured that their vehicle has their back when it comes to cautious driving - be it connecting to emergency services or automatically detecting duress. Connected vehicles go the extra mile and can jump to rescue drivers when needed, in most cases through a simple push of a button, initiating conversation with first responders where necessary.    

Safety and Security  

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Remote Start 

Full control from the palm of your hand. Start/stop your vehicle, lock/unlock the doors, sound the horn and flash the lights – all via your Vehicle Mobile App*

2. Unleashing Innovation for Total Comfort 

The industry has come in leaps and bounds in terms of the comfort factor, and connected vehicles are already elevating this space today. With Remote Start features allowing cars to run ahead of the passenger arrival, drivers can now step into a cool vehicle from the get-go, a feature that offers immense value in this region, especially during the hotter months of the year. 

3. Your Vehicle as the Proactive Partner 

Drivers can cruise with even more comfort, knowing that their vehicle is keeping tabs on its own health and maintenance needs, so they don’t have to. Vehicle owners can quickly get used to extensive Vehicle Health Reports courtesy of their cars. This can be taken a step further as drivers can opt in for their vehicle to schedule check-ups with aftermarket service providers - all in a day’s work for a connected vehicle that ultimately avoids sky-high repair bills.   

Standard Connectivity

Step into 10 years of free Standard Connectivity* and access your vehicle’s diagnostics*, alerts, dealer maintenance notifications*, and more.

Push the Button

Experience the future of driving with on-road connectivity, Roadside Assistance and the convenience of our 24/7 Advisors*

4. Round the Clock Assistance on Demand 

Given the always-on nature of inbuilt connectivity, if needed, vehicle owners can access immediate roadside assistance*. Our advisors will be able to offer support in the case of breakdowns, from towing, tire repair and fuel delivery, to lockout assistance and jump-starts. If an emergency* is to arise, not only do connected vehicles keep drivers in the clear, but now go so far as to help report other vehicles on the road that are in need of support, be it medical emergencies to extreme weather conditions and stranded drivers. 

5. Quick Retrievals of Stolen Vehicle 

When activated, connected vehicles can aid authorities in tracking and recovering stolen vehicles using advanced GPS technology and efficient investigation techniques embedded within their systems. This service offers reliable protection and enhanced security for car owners, ensuring your car is in safe hands. Drive with confidence, knowing we've got you covered. 

Stolen Vehicle Assistance* 

Get priority services from Advisors who can work with local authorities to recover your vehicle quickly and safely.

Given the pace at which technology is advancing in the automotive space, drivers can look forward to seeing these and further advanced features make their mark on our roads – moving us into an era of connected convenience and seamless driving. 

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