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Experience pioneering in-vehicle safety and security technology

Whether on the road or off, OnStar and Connected Services give you ultimate peace of mind knowing you’re always protected and connected. Driving a connected car means you can enjoy a full suite of advanced safety and convenience services that are backed by a real human who’s always ready to provide the help you need even when you can’t ask for it.



OnStar and Connected Services

The connected Car experience will transform your life and the way you drive. An intuitive, more connected journey starts here. For your convenience, your connected car is designed to self-diagnose and call for help too. 

From onboard Wi-Fi connectivity to future over-the-air updates in real-time and vehicle-to-vehicle communication, your connected car can do things other cars simply cannot.

Enjoy unprecedented safety with technology that enhances the driver’s awareness of unexpected incidents, alerts them of potential hazards, and keeps them informed about the health of their vehicle at all times. 

Experience pioneering technology backed by the human touch and unlock the widest range of services that are focused on ease and innovation. 

How to activate your OnStar and Connected Services

Your connected car has a factory-fitted eSIM. All you have to do is activate it to benefit from OnStar and Connected Services and Wi-Fi data.  

To activate your car, complete a simple onboarding process that is initiated through an email invite from your dealer, or by directly pressing the blue button and requesting an invite from one of our Advisors. After accepting the User Terms and Privacy Statement as well as the Carrier Data Terms, you’ll be able to enjoy your free trial and unlock 10 years of standard connectivity to keep your vehicle in the best condition. 

Following the onboarding process, once activated, the vehicle sensors and OnStar button set are then able to help you get the most out of your trial services or subscription thereafter. Once your trial period is over, you’ll be able to add a suite of advanced safety, convenience or Wi-Fi services by subscribing to one of our plans

Activate your vehicle and download the app to enjoy remote access to your car with detailed information right at your fingertips wherever you are.  

What do the different OnStar buttons do? 

There are two key buttons in every OnStar equipped vehicle: a red button and a blue button. Both of these buttons are backed by a trained OnStar Advisor who is able to support you 24/7. 

The red button is for emergency situations only, such as being in or witnessing a crash, requiring roadside assistance or any other dangerous situation. At the push of the red button drivers will get a priority line through to an OnStar Advisor who will work with local emergency service providers to send the right help to your location and stay on the line until it arrives. You’ll never be alone on the road, especially when you need it most. Technology backed by the human touch means our OnStar Advisor will make sure you get the help you need as soon as possible. 

The blue button is for non-emergency situations. It helps put you in touch with an OnStar Advisor who can help with an overview of our services, update your subscription plans, run an on-demand diagnostic check, remotely send a location to your navigation (if equipped), and help with your in-vehicle Wi-fi hotspot.