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Meet Your OnStar Advisors

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Out on the road, the last thing you want is to be alone. An OnStar Advisor*527a is there for you, ready to help, 24/7.
Technology with a human touch

OnStar*501a is a lot more than just having the latest technology in your vehicle. We believe that no matter how far technology progresses, there’s no substitute for a human connection. That’s why when you push your blue OnStar button, you’ll be connected with a real human being who is ready to assist you. People are at the heart of everything we do.

It’s not an easy job being an OnStar Advisor. It takes intelligence, rigorous training and an intense desire to help others. We’re proud of the work that OnStar Advisors do — not just to help make driving easier, safer and better for our Members, but also for the work they do to help save lives. And we’re sure that once you’ve had a chance to talk with one of our Advisors, you’ll see just how powerful a human connection can be.

The Voices Behind the Button

You’re not just hearing a voice when you push the button — you’re speaking with someone who enjoys lending a hand, and is specially trained to do so.
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