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OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait only.
Wi-Fi and Data

What is the difference between the in-vehicle Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi hotspot I can get on my smartphone?
The In-Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot supports up to 7 devices at 4G LTE speeds and uses the entire vehicle as an antenna.

What happens if I decline the OnStar User Terms and Privacy Statement or the Carrier Terms?
If you decline all, the service will never be activated. You can choose to accept the OnStar User Terms and Privacy Statement to avail core services, but choose to not accept Carrier Terms whereby data alone will not be activated.

What type of customer would be interested in a Wi-Fi Plan?
The Wi-Fi Plan may suit customers with varying needs. Customers with families could look to add Wi-Fi to all enjoy a strong data connection when on the move or for those who don’t often have passengers and, therefore, may not require Wi-Fi for the entire vehicle, but still want to enhance their driving experience with their favorite apps.

Do I need to purchase data separately?
If you want to enable your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot to provide data sharing for other devices, a data plan needs to be purchased and can be renewed according to usage. All data plans are monthly but can be renewed as desired. A data plan is required for the in-vehicle apps.

Can I use the Wi-Fi plan to stream video or check emails on your phone or laptop in the vehicle?
Yes. The Wi-Fi Data Plan provides multiple data bundles for your vehicle’s embedded 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot for you to choose based on your consumption.