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OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait only.
General Inquiries

Which vehicles are equipped with OnStar & Connected Services?
Model Year 2021 onwards Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac vehicles listed below are exclusively OnStar equipped. 

I currently have a 2020 or older vehicle, will OnStar be available for my vehicle once it is live?" 
For now, OnStar is not available in the existing 2020 or older generation of vehicles. Please review equipped list above.

Does OnStar come included in the vehicle?
The vehicles listed above are equipped with the OnStar hardware during production. However, OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi plans are an opt-in service based on a subscription model and active in only certain countries.

In which countries are OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi plans available?
OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi plans are currently available in Kuwait and UAE.

Will my services work if I travel around the GCC?
Your OnStar trial or Protect, Connect or Bundle plan will work in any of the countries where OnStar is available. Your Wi-Fi data trial or plan is not roaming and will work only in the country for which you were onboarded.

Is OnStar localized for the region? 
Absolutely. With a human touch at the very center of OnStar’s service, it is essential that the person at the end of the call understands the landscape, both from a geographical and cultural perspective. For the Middle East, this will include a regional connected contact center with fully trained advisors speaking both Arabic and English. 

What happens if I am in the middle of the desert and I do not have cell service?
OnStar equipped vehicles come with a large roof antenna that’s stronger than that of a cell phone. Where the cellular network signal is weak you might still have a connection, although your cell phone does not. However, please note the OnStar antenna depends on the same kind of (cellular) network as an ordinary cell phone and as such is subject to cellular network coverage and availability. It’s not a satellite phone. Not all services are available everywhere, particularly in remote areas. See our User Terms for more details.